Oct. 9, 2015

Normandy, Finally

For a very long time I have wanted to make the trip to one of the two most sacred WW II battle sites for Americans - Normandy. I had been to the other, Pearl Harbor way back in 1981. Because I traveled often to Europe I thought I would get to Normandy in due course but it never happened.  Now living in Abu Dhabi and having the ability to travel to about any location I finally set up a trip to France for the 17th of this month. But, to make this trip just that much sweeter Mike will join me from Connecticut.  Love of history and especially WWII is one of our common interests. For Mike this is also a trip of a lifetime (especially that Mike is not a fan of plane flights - more later on that!)

We will start in Paris on Saturday and on to Normandy Sunday night. Monday through Thursday there with our own guide, return to Paris and do a trip through the Chunnel to London on Saturday.  

Our plan is to post a daily summary with a few selected best pictures for our family and friend. so take a few minutes starting on the 17th and vist our BLOG every day.