Oct. 21, 2015

Chateau de Beaulieu

Chateau de Beaulieu- Eddie and Sharon
Sunday - Off by train to Verognes. A nice 3 hour trip through the county side with the only noteworthy event that our assigned seats were taken by two nice ladies so the conductor who didn't speak English finally understood and found us to other seats (eventually). Sharon picked us up along with our tour companions, John and Noreen Doyle from Boston (go Red Sox).   We arrived at Sharon and Eddie's Chateau south of Cherbourg. Our tour actually begun then with a full course dinner and great conversation. Their home was built in 1850 and is exactly what you think a nice little Chateau in the French country side would be like. We each have a beautiful bedroom and private bath. Eddie (Colonel) is a retired Royal Marine who had taught WWII and D Day history, but even more interesting, had been assigned to the Royal Family so how was Diana and what kind of bloke is Prince Charles were in the conversation as much as why the DD tanks didn't make it the beach.  We had a special moment when Sharon was telling us about this guest who had trouble with rental cars and is quite a character, former Navy fighter pilot and nicknamed CA (for Concrete Ass following a no landing gear landing).  CA is Doug, Mike's Stepfather, and Sharon hadn't connected that was who referenced us to them for the tour.