Oct. 23, 2015

101st Airborne Museum Sainte Mere Eglise

Tuesday on the way to Utah Beach we toured the museum dedicated to the actions of the Airborne troops on D Day.  Over 6,000 soldiers from the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions were dropped in or came in 400+ gliders  the night before the landings   Their mission was to capture bridges and roads to block the German advance of reinforcements and allow routes up from the beach for the invasion troops  Although the troops missed many of their landing zones  and were scattered all over they did achieve their objectives and were a big part of the eventual success of the landings.

The museum has excellent exhibits,including dioramas with a C47 transport and gliders. It's right off the town square with the church and paratrooper stuck from the steeple made famous in the movie Longest Day.