Oct. 31, 2015

British Cemetery at Bayeux

Our last stop on Wednesday was the The Bayeux War Cemetery, the largest WW II cemetery of Commonwealth soldiers in France.  The cemetery contains 4,648 graves mostly of the invasion of Normandy. Opposite this cemetery stands the Bayeux Memorial with more than 1,800 casualties of the Commonwealth forces who died in Normandy and have no known grave.  In addition to the Commonwealth burials, there are 466 graves of German soldiers.

It is a beautiful site and unique in that the grave stones are in regtangular garden plots with flowers and greenery, as in a British garden.  Compared to the grave stones at the American Cemetery, the ones here contain more details, including a personal inscription from the soldier's family.  The gravestones are in the process of being replaced with hardier ones as after 70 years many are deteriorating.  As it was in the American cemetery, the walk though here is very emotional.  It brings one closer to those heroes from 70 years ago.  It is so fitting they are at rest in the land they liberated.