Short Visit with Caroline

My October 2017 trip included visting Caroline in San Diego.  We only had part of the week together, but made the most of it.  Caroline has been there for two years now and recently started with her new management job at Coronado Brewing Company.  She lives in North Park just off the I-805 in a nice apartment she shares with Jordan and Evan (friends from a previous job). 

I had a great time taking photos of the harbor area of San Diego while Caroline was at work one day.  She got me to some of her favorite eatng places and we had a chance to catch up over some great beer (Coronado Brewing of course).  Before I left we spent part of a day at Balboa Park, and I was able to have dinner with my classmates George Galdorisi and wife Becky and Trip Beattie and wife Beverly.  Lots of sea stories over dinner (mostly all true).