Visit to Wolf Park July 2019

There are so many wonderful cities and towns all over Andalucía for us to visit.  Today we found an entirely different destination near the city of Antequera, in the heart of the famed region.  We visited the internationally acclaimed Wolf Park.

Parque de Lobos was created for wolf biologists and the general public to observe and understand the dynamics of a wolf pack.  The park has about 100 acres of land containing expansive enclosures for the wolves to live as naturally as possible but still be available for observation of pack life styles and behavior difference in species.  Originally founded as a private park in 2002 it was opened to limited public tours in 2004.  The wolf packs are either native Iberian or European species.

The park is about a ninety-minute drive from Nerja and offers great views of the mountains and valleys north of Malaga and into the Sierra del Torcal mountain range.

Antequera is a good-sized city and after driving through it we climbed up into the hills containing the park.  The tour is about two hours, given by a very friendly guide (English and Spanish) walking to the different enclosures and observation points.  The last two visits were the best, where we got to see whole packs of wolves from both species.  The packs including some pups born this spring and one has a grandmother 14 years old (way beyond the natural age in the wild).  So, we had a great walk, and saw the wolves in as much a natural environment as you can get. 

On the drive back we diverted around Antequera through a small village with the classic narrow streets and the old Spanish style houses in order to get some photos of the Alcazaba (fortress) of Antequera, erected in the 14th century to counter the Christian advance from the north, over Roman ruins.  We will visit the fortress the next time we come back, which we will plan to do before we go to a special night visit (howl nights!) to the park.